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Website Security

We have gone to great lengths and expense to ensure that our website is totally secure and safe for you to enter any personal details. Our security is layered in the following areas:

1> Our Website:

Site Hosting
Designer radiators is securely hosted on a dedicated UK server with Guru hosting. Guru is part of ‘UK Dedicated’ who have been providing ultra-secure hosting since 2002.
The data center features biometric security, proximity access control throughout, diverse utility power feeds, built-in n+1 redundancy: UPS secured power, climate control and generator backup including continuous operation and online fuel replenishment.

  • Dedicated Mechanical & Engineering corridors away from IT equipment
  • Biometric iris scan man-trap to gain access to data floor area
  • On-site human security presence 24×7
  • Proximity access locks on all external and internal doors
  • Interlocked man-traps on front entrance and goods in area
  • Perimeter fence with rota spikes, anti-ram raid barriers, blast-proof windows and steel security doors
  • External and internal digital IP ICCTV system with digitally controlled motion sensors and flood lighting

Our website is fully secured by SSL (Comodo Positive SSL – SHA2 & ECC) 

SSL is a standard security protocol which establishes encrypted links between a web server and a browser, thereby ensuring that all communication that happens between a web server and browser(s) remains encrypted and hence private. SSL Certificate is today an industry standard that is used by millions of websites worldwide to protect all communication and data that’s transmitted online through the websites.

Our entire website is fully SSL encrypted for your peace of mind and total security
(Check for the green padlock in your browser bar)

Vulnerability Scanning

Our site is also scanned daily and certified safe by McAfee security for the following vulnerabilities.

Security Certification Scans:
Not Google Blacklisted
Not a Phishing Site
Not an Attack Site
Not a Compromised Site

Only when the daily scans are passed do we receive the McAfee Secure Badge 

2> Our Shopping Cart System (Woocommerce)

By design, Woocommerce ensures that your credit card number and security code are never stored on this website. The payment gateway gives this sensitive information directly to the payment processor. Woocommerce design the payment gateway plugins to ensure credit card data never enters or passes through this website’s database.

3> Our Payment Gateway (Square)

Layered Security

Card-processing systems adhere to the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS).

Stopping fraud before it happens

We stop fraud via live monitoring programs that analyse transactions as they’re happening. This is known as risk visualisation. The approach helps us detect and investigate suspicious activity before a fraudulent charge takes place. This method is not only a pioneering way for us to protect merchants, but it’s also a better way to build an automated system to detect criminals that will scale as our business grows.

Getting stronger as we grow

We’ve designed Square to grow stronger the more people transact. The better data set we have to analyse, the smarter our anti-fraud algorithms become. Think of it this way: if cars on a motorway drove by only occasionally, it’d be tough to distinguish the ones speeding from the ones travelling within the limit. But on a crowded motorway, it’s easy to spot the reckless driver weaving in and out of traffic. Likewise, more Square customers allow our proprietary systems to spot the baddies easily.

Secure network, servers and data

Square’s network and servers are housed in a secure facility monitored around the clock by dedicated security staff.

  • Card-processing systems adhere to the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS).
  • Square requires sensitive data to be encrypted using industry-leading methods when stored on disk or transmitted over public networks.
  • Security settings of applications and devices are tuned to ensure appropriate levels of protection.
Web and client application security

Square’s software is developed using industry standard security best practices.

  • Card-processing applications adhere to PCI Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) Level 1.
  • Square prohibits the storage of card numbers, magnetic stripe data and security codes on client devices.
  • Applications developed in-house are subject to strict quality testing and security review.
  • Web development follows industry-standard secure coding guidelines, such as those recommended by OWASP.
Secure organisation from top to bottom

Square mandates that employees act in accordance with security policies designed to keep merchant data safe.

  • Square requires sensitive data to be encrypted when stored on disk or transmitted over public networks.
  • Square controls access to sensitive data, application data and cryptographic keys.
  • Two-factor authentication and strong password controls are required for administrative access to systems.
  • Security systems and processes are tested on an ongoing basis by qualified internal and external teams.
  • Access to secure services and data is strictly logged and audit logs are reviewed regularly.
  • Security policies and procedures are carefully documented and reviewed on a regular basis.
  • Detailed incident response plans have been prepared to ensure proper protection of data in an emergency.


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