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Eskimo Gong Range


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Eskimo Gong

The latest in a long line of firsts from Eskimo is Gong – beautiful patinated copper and brass finishes applied to Eskimo’s super-powerful radiators. As with all Eskimo products huge attention has gone into ensuring that the lines of the product are as clean and uncluttered as possible, allowing the stunning opulence of the finish to speak for itself.

With Hinge & Bracket now available, there is simply nothing more stunning. For hidden heating it’s better than underfloor too because it has proper temperature control.

Hinge and Bracket Outline radiators are hinged at the top and are opened by pushing the bottom of the radiator inwards slightly to release a latch. The radiator then pivots forward on the top hinges with the use of two gas struts that take the weight of the radiator and keep it open while you adjust the valves to your desired temperature. The radiator is then pushed back into position until the latch engages.

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