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About Needo Electric Radiators

NEEDO radiators are specifically designed to be powered by electricity. The slender aluminium body is manufactured as one seamless piece with a high quality tungsten element embedded into the casing during the initial manufacturing process, as opposed to two casts being welded together and the element being fitted post-production. This substantially reduces the risk of leaks and ensures greater performance and durability. Additionally, the thermostat is discretely concealed behind the radiator and is easily replaceable in the unlikely event of a fault occurring, and ingeniously, each radiator is cleverly designed to pivot away from the wall to facilitate cleaning or decorating.

Each radiator is fitted with a high quality tungsten element that absorbs energy quickly and heats up quickly, it retains the energy but releases it slowly, thus once heated it uses minimal power to maintain the correct temperature required to heat the thermodynamic fluid.

The thermodynamic fluid also has high heat retaining properties allowing the absorbed energy to be used to maintain the thermodynamic fluid’s required temperature for the maximum period of time, therefore requiring minimal power to reheat.The Advanced Condensing System allows NEEDO radiators to recover, through evaporation, energy produced, effectively using heat twice and making the system more efficient.

Each radiator is fitted with an intelligent thermostat. This thermostat not only gauges and controls the temperature but it also regulates the exact amount of power needed to maintain the temperature, therefore ensuring no power wastage.

When activated, the radiator will draw full power until the required temperature as set by the thermostat is achieved, this is normally within 10 minutes. At that point the radiator will cease to draw power, the thermodynamic fluid will have rapidly expanded and the radiator will have 100% surface hot point effect. Due to the tungsten element’s slow release of energy and the thermodynamic fluid’s heat retaining qualities, the radiator will continue to emit heat using minimal power to maintain the required temperature.

  • Needo radiators use 25% less electricity and heat up 150% faster than a normal electric radiator
  • They contain a totally recyclable, high-performance fluid, with zero effect on global warming and the ozone layer,
  • Needo production is ISO 14001 certified, a guarantee of non-polluting products and fully compliant with the environmental objectives pursued by the European Union
  • Available in 10 colours.

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