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DQ - CRANE - 4 Column Cast Iron Radiator

The Cast Iron 4 Column Radiator from CRANE® is a new addition which is cast in Europe and assembled in the UK with a 100 year guarantee on the casting. It is available in 5 traditional heights, many wonderful paint finishes and a unique lacquered satin polished and mirror polished finish. All of the CRANE® Cast Iron Radiators undergo an extreme testing process that is unrivalled in the cast iron radiator market. CRANE® Cast Iron Radiators have been used in stately homes and the finest houses since the early years of the 20th century.

Please note : Delivery time for this model is up to 3 weeks for Coloured finishes, and up to 6 weeks for polished finishes.
Delivery free of charge to most UK mainland address, for deliveries outside mainland UK, please contact us for a quotation.

Prices quoted are INCLUDING VAT, which will be added at the prevailing rate.
Outputs stated at 75/65/20 Δt 50ºC EN442.

Finish Options :
Option_1 Crane Standard Colours
Option_2 Little GreeneSandersonF&B, & RAL Colour
Option_3 Lacquered Satin Polished
(Satin Polished Cast Iron Radiators have less sheen then other polishes as they leave a more frosted finish).
Option_4 Lacquered Traditional Polished
(Traditional Polished Cast Iron Radiators are polished only on the visible sides of the radiator as they are normally placed against a wall).

Please note: Most companies oil their cast iron radiators once polished to preserve the finish, this requires maintenance every 3-4 months to avoid tarnishing.

CRANE radiators use a patented Lacquering process to preserve the finish of the polished cast iron radiators - this requires NO MAINTENANCE WHATSOEVER !

Please note: Cast iron radiators are very heavy, due to the weight we can only supply radiators fully assembled up to 1200mm in length.


CRANE 4 Column Cast Iron Radiator Information (details “per section”)
Model Check Price Height Width Depth Output
All sizes are in (mm) (Watts) (Btu's)
CR4 / 360 Radiator Details 355 60 144 47 160
CR4 / 480 Radiator Details 475 60 144 62 212
CR4 / 660 Radiator Details 655 60 144 87 297
CR4 / 760 Radiator Details 762 60 144 101 345
CR4 / 960 Radiator Details 955 60 144 125 427
To calculate full width : (No. of sections x 60) + 30mm

CRANE 4 Column Images

SOL Radiator

SOL Radiator


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Radiator Delivery
Delivery Time
  Models listed : 3-6 weeks

Radiator Delivery
Delivery Cost
  Free For Mainland UK 
(*some outlying codes excluded)

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  100 Year Manufacturers Guarantee

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