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Designer Radiators by Marlborough


Creative design, high heat output and a complete range of space saving sizes and heating options all combine to make this clean profiled towel rail a popular choice. Available in white, pergamon or chrome, Savoy Multirails will bring a stylish European concept to any room. Available in 9 sizes. P


The aesthetic and functional combination of the Marabu towel rail will create a beautiful harmonious atmosphere in any bathroom. The curving oval-shaped horizontal rails sparkle in the highly polished chrome finish. Available also in white and pergamon, Marabu can be used with all heating options. Warmth, comfort to make this multirail exceptionally attractive. available in 6 sizes.


The softly curved horizontal rails of this designer towel airer will add style and splendour to any setting. Available in white, pergamon or chrome, installation is made easy with the new robust colour-matched wall brackets. Blenheim has an exceptional heat output and can be installed with central heating, dual fuel or electric only options. Available in 9 sizes.


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